The New Market Standards

The New Market Standards

#1) The New Market is moving towards a term called:

Fully Suited

Definition: The English Bulldog is considered Fully Suited if it has 15% or less White on its body. Predominantly the white markings are on the chest and face.

The less white that is on the English Bulldog the more Fully Suited the dog is considered. Hence the more valuable it is considered.

The New Market as of 2018 is going towards Fully Suited English Bulldogs. This goes for all colors as well as Merle’s. The less white, the more valuable.

Also something that is noteworthy. If you have a lot of white in the face, that comes from the piebald gene. It’s very difficult to breed out the white on their face. The piebald gene is dominant.

#2) Another Market change is having totally clear Tan Points or Tri Markings. Meaning no white to break up the Tan Point or Tri Markings. Tan points or Tri Marking’s definition is: The Tan (in color) markings that are on the paws, eyebrows, cheeks and hind part (butt) of the Bulldog. So if you have a Tan Point that has some white in it, then people would say the Bulldog doesn’t have clear tan points. If there’s no white in the tan points, they would say that the Tan Points are Clear.

Noteworthy: Lot’s of breeders try to hide the white by showing only one side of the dog or the dog will be standing in grass that covers up the white. Always ask for a video in order to see all angles of the dog to make sure everything is transparent before you Breed or buy from them.

#3) The new Market is looking for Short legs. Long legs are considered less in value. If you have a long legged mother, try to breed with a short legged Stud.

#4) The New Market wants Huge Ropes. Again they are considered more Valuable.

These are considered the new Market. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some people love white and that’s Awesome. God Bless them!! Planet Merle breeds for Quality and Health.


Vincent Marcheselli
Owner of Planet 🌎 Merle