Price Ranges

Price varies according to these variables:
Market at the time, Color, Fawn color or true color, Markings, Carrier genes, Gender, Full/limited AKC, Pedigree, Age, Structure, etc.

Prices for Pet Only AKC (Spay/neuter contract)

Standard Color: $1500

Blue Sable: $2500

Chocolate Sable: $3000

Lilac Sable: $3500

Black Tri: $3000-$5000

Blue Tri $4000-$6000

Chocolate Tri: $7000-$10,000

Lilac Tri: $6000-$10,000

Prices for Full AKC (with breeding rights)

Standard Color: $2500 to $3000

Blue Sable: $3500 to $4500

Chocolate Sable: $3500 to $5500

Lilac Sable: $4500 to $6500

Black Tri: $4000 to $6500

Blue Tri: $6000 to $8000

Chocolate Tri: $7000 to $10000

Lilac Tri: $10000 to $15000


Black Tri Merle $7000-$10,000

Blue Tri Merle $7000-$10,000

Chocolate Tri Merle $8000-$12,000

Lilac Tri Merle $10,000-$15,000

Fully Suited Merle’s would add additional $5-$10K depending on the Quality!!  They are at the Top of the Food Chain!!

AKC Bulldog Color Chart

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