Adult Bulldogs

Adult Bulldogs

We have Every Color

I know they're cute as puppies, however

Our Studs

Fully Suited Lilac Tri Stud "Merlin aka Triple Crown"

Lilac Tri Merle Stud "Money"

Chocolate Tri Quad Razor Bullies 50 Shades of Blue Chocolate "Fudge"

Blue Tri Merle "Mojo" The Fifth Element

Our Females

Fully Suited Chocolate Tri "Halle"

Fully Suited Lilac Tri "Sweet Pea"

Fully Suited Blue Seal "Sky"

Blue Tri Blue "Ace Up my Sleeve" Grandaughter of Ace in the Hole from the Shrinkabulls

Blue Tri "Fergie Ferg"

Lilac Tri Merle "Misti"

Blue Seal Quad Carrier "Doughboy's Blue Diamond"

Black Merle Tri Quad Carrier "Shrinkables Black and Blue Tornado" Granddaughter of Ace in the Hole International Champion

AKC Bulldog Color Chart

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